What is an e-Cheque?

E-cheque is an electronic version of standard paper check. E-cheque is nothing but the conversion of a traditional check into an electronic payment that is processed through the automated clearing house (ACH) network, which save the time as well as the money of the customers. E-cheque has many features in terms of security than the paper check which protect the business of you and your clients. Electronic cheques are becoming very popular because of its efficacy and the security. In short, e-cheque is a way of online shopping which can simplify the process of payment for clients as well as the merchants who deals with checks for payment.

What are the advantages of e-cheques?

The advantages of e-cheques are:-

  1. Instant Acknowledgement of payment: The customers use e-cheque, can receive payment acknowledgement instantly. Through verification process, you can be assured of the validity of the checking account.
  2. 24 hour access: If you use e-cheque, you can get access for 24 hours to your checking account transaction by electronic banking.
  3. E-cheque is cost effective and efficacious: For online payment process with e-cheque, you do not require stamps and envelopes that reduce your time and money. It also saves the money of the merchant eliminating the fees of deposition and transaction.
  4. Environmental benefit: It is a sensible choice of payment process because it requires less paper works processing the cheques.
  5. Security: Customers are always sensitive when they think about online transaction because they are concerned for the security and safety. We always maintain the security and safety of our clients while dealing with e-cheque eliminating the dangers like hacking into the electronic records, equipment failure or human error.
  6. Quick payment process: E-cheque is the quick process of making payment than the paper check. It works within hours.
  7. Access: This process is also accessible for the people who live in the remote area.

How does e-cheque work?

First step:

At first, the clients or customers are notified with information that their paper check will be processing. After the notification, the client or customer has to give permission for it either via phone call or in written or by an electronic form.

Second step:

Enter the Transaction Info

You need to enter the transaction info are:

Bank Routing Number ( it is 9-digit number)
Bank Account Number ( a checking account)
Name associated bank account (customer’s name)

Other general information you should provide are your first and last name, phone number, address, city name, E-mail, check number (it should be any 4-digit number) and amount of the product you purchase.

Third step:

Processing: After entering the information, it is processed by automated clearing house (ACH) or other network of cheque verification. After verification, the account of the customer is debited and the merchant’s account is credited.


After the payment is debited, it will be visible under the bank account statement of the customer along with the other necessary information such as the billing company name, the check number and the amount.