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Family planning or birth control methods are the blessings of the life and the health of a woman as well as their child. These methods help a woman to delay the pregnancy and space births. It is not only necessary for the women’s health, but also fundamental for their families to manage the domestic as well as other natural resources. A proper family planning helps you to make secure your child’s future by providing the best education and also good health care needs of each family member. Family planning is a combined decision made by a couple regarding the number of children they want to have in their lifetime and also the age difference between the children. At this point of time, the birth control methods play the most important role and helps mothers as well as the children to enjoy the advantages like spending quality time, proper upbringing and future planning,
and a better health. Family planning or birth control is also considered as one of the important strategies to control the growth of the population which not only help the family and welfare but also in the nation’s development.

What do you mean by birth control?

Birth control is referred as a method used by men or women to prevent unwanted pregnancy or delay the pregnancy. The couple can choose their birth control method depending on their wish, and the lifestyle and health status of the woman, such as permanent and temporary (reversible) birth control method. There are different types of birth control methods like barrier method, birth control device, sexual practice and some medications or pills. Some of these are discussed briefly as follows:

Barrier Method:-Barrier method is the most widely used contraceptive method worldwide. This method prevents the sperm to reach into the uterus and stops fertilization. The barrier method also protects from the sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis etc. The examples of the barrier method are condom, diaphragms, cervical cap or cervical shield etc. For better result, some spermicide cream can be used in combination with a barrier method.

Hormonal Methods (Oral contraception):-Hormonal methods include oral contraceptives also. In this method, hormones are used to prevent the ovulation or fertilization in the womb. Oral contraceptive pills are considered as the best hormonal method of contraception. Some of the most hugely used oral contraceptive pills are Dianette, Mifeprex, RU486, Abortion pill, Norethindrone, MTP kit (Mifepristone), Cytotec, Yasmin, Plan-B, Ovral L, Mircette, Dostinex, Korlym/Mifepristone etc.

The hormonal oral contraceptive pills function by stopping the formation and maturation of the eggs in the female uterus. These pills are made of progesterone and oestrogen. Depending on this, they are divided into combined contraceptive pills and progesterone containing pills. The combined oral contraceptive pill consists of progesterone and oestrogen. The women, who are at or above the age of 35 years, should take caution while using this medication. They also protect you from endometrial cancer of the ovary. On the other hand, progesterone containing oral contraceptive pill is used in the women with a history of blood clot. These pills are used as a contraceptive and for the treatment of menstrual irregularities. Progesterone-containing contraceptive works by thickening the endometrium membrane of the uterus, so that the sperm cannot reach into the womb.The women using hormone containing contraceptive may catch some mild side effects like
nausea, vomiting, menstrual pain, breast tenderness etc. which subside on its own. The one
of the advantages of progesterone containing pill is it can be consumed during breastfeeding
and also it is 99% effective.

Apart from the oral pill, some other hormonal contraceptive methods like hormonal patches
applied on the skin, progesterone injection or vaginal ring is also used as contraceptive method.

Natural Contraceptive Method:-In this method, the menstrual cycle of the woman is tracked to determine the ovulation period. The couple should avoid physical intercourse during the ovulation period. The easiest way to determine the ovulation period is checking and recording the cervical mucus by using a home ovulation test kit.

Surgical sterilization:-This is a permanent form of birth control method that can be done by both men and women. In men, it is called vasectomy, whereas in women it is called tubal ligation. Surgical sterilization is the most advanced and widely used birth control method done by the women who prefers to avoid surgical procedures.

Emergency Contraceptive pill:-These pills should be taken within 72 hours after an unprotected sexual intercourse. They are also called as ‘morning after’ contraceptive pills.

IUDs:-It is known as the intra-uterine device of contraceptive. These are small ‘T’ shaped device that is inserted into the uterus of the women by the health care provider to prevent pregnancy. This method of contraception is very effective, long lasting and safe. This is a reversible type of contraception. This is placed until it is removed by a practitioner. The duration of effectiveness of one IUDs is 5-10 years.

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